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2021 Mine Safety & Health Conference

Breakout Session PDF Downloads

Drug and Alcohol Effects on the Human Body

mike edgell.png

Mike Edgell

Abatement of Violations - Challenges and Stategies for Successful Termination of Citations


Margo Lopez

Communication - Say What?

jamey smith.jpg

Jamey Smith

Making Safety Personal

jamey smith.jpg

Jamey Smith

5 Odd Habbits

terry tyson.jpg

Terry Tyson

The Rashomon Effect

terry tyson.jpg

Terry Tyson

Crisis Management: Expect the Best, But Plan for the Worst

willa p.jpg

Willa Perlmutter

MSHA's Regulatory Agenda and Anticipated Enforcement Trends

willa p.jpg

Willa Perlmutter

What is a Health Culture? How do I Get One?


Elise Frandsen

Mine Act Section 105(c): Rules for Human Resources, Operations, and Safety to Mitigate Loss


Laura Beverage

Data Driven Approach to MSHA

mark savit.png

Mark Savit

Shelly Forney: Advocate for Cell Phone Free Driving

speaker a-3.jpg

Shelly Forney

Serial Defense Into to Mine Safety

joe walker.jpg

Joey Walker

Surviving Shift Work


Michelle Reiher

Successful Safety & Health Leadership

craig ross.png

Craig Ross

Supervisory Responsibilities Under the Mine Act

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Brain Still

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