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2022 Mine Safety & Health Conference

Breakout Session PDF Downloads

Brake Testing

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Steven Polgar

Active Shooter

joe walker.jpg

Joey Walker

Is Your Brain Keeping You From Recognizing Harzards


Korky Vault

Defending Enforcement Actions - Challenging Special Findings

willa p.jpg

Willa Perlmutter

Competency Based Training/Training Mine

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Susie Sotelo

Training-the-trainer: A collaborative forum for trainers and HSE personnel to share best practices and improve their training materials and curricula

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Leonard Brown/Rustin Reed

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Change Management or Management of Change: An Essential Tool in Your HSMS Risk Management Toolbox

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Whitney Derber

MSHA Presentation - Fall Protection

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James Fitch

Mental Health and Mine Safety – The Foundation of a Safe Workplace


Chris Peterson

Mine Safety and Health Case Law Update

tom chib.jpg

Tom Chibnal

Total Exposure Health: What is it and should we care


Michelle Reiher

Supervisors Rights and Responsibilites

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Willa Perlmutter

Emergency Response in Modern Mining

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Cody Allen

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Simple Solutions For Dusty Environments at Metal/Nonmetal Mines

Incorporating Games in Part 48 Training

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David Lauriski

MSHA Presentation: MSHA Silica Initiative: What You Can Do To BeInvolved

Jennifer v.jpg

Jennifer VanWey

How to Conference an MSHA Citation and Why

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Donna Pryor

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